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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Composers and their Idiosyncrasies

Composing music is a large part of life here and many people seem interested in the processes involved.
Some composers appear to need to be in the right environment for the muse to come upon them.

Khalil ibn Ahmen, (718-789) a poet and musician from Iraq, could only compose when street workers were making a noise outside.

Christoph Gluck, (1714-1787) the German composer is said to have insisted that he could only write his music when seated in the middle of a field. He did actually suffer a stroke whilst in a field and died a few days later. Who knows what piece he was working on at the time.

Robin doesn't appear to have any such foibles.
He tends to compose when the mood takes him, wherever that may be. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning, (and occasionally in the night) and an idea has been germinating whilst he sleeps. He will then act on it either at the guitar or the piano.
Other times he'll be playing a piece and a simple musical phrase will come to mind, and again, he'll leave what he was doing to work on the new idea.
Frequently an idea will surface when out walking.
Many times Robin has returned from a walk, and disappeared for hours, working on a piece that was created whilst walking the dogs.

In this case he has something in common with Ludwig van Beethoven.

He was apparently offered a salary by three Austrian noblemen that would guarantee him four thousand gulfen a year if he would walk each day from sunrise until noon, because he composed better while walking.
I don't know if he took them up on the offer but if there are any like minded noblemen, or anyone really, prepared to pay Robin to go out for a walk every day, then please feel free to contact us...

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