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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stormy Weather...

Whilst I walked dogs and children in the park, Robin pounded the decks on board the QM2, he likes to take his usual walks whenever he can.
He has just told me that all the passengers have been informed that tomorrow will be the roughest day of the trip, (just to put them at their ease..).
I reminded Robin that not that long ago he was sailing the most feared stretch of water, where two great Oceans meet, Cape Horn. The piano was chained down, the dancers couldn't dance as it was too dangerous, so they 'phoned Robin in his room and asked him to do an extra spot.
True professional that he is, he agreed and hot footed it onto the stage, in a rather lurching manner.
He said it was a strange experience, he not only had to worry about his playing but also whether he would be thrown off his chair.
He got through it though and was no greener than any of the audience that had ventured out.
The weather remained bad for a few days and they were unable to dock at the Falkland Islands. Maybe another time.
Having reminded him of all this and the fact that he is a hardened old sea dog these days, I'm awaiting his reply..

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