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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cuckoo Clocks and Microphones

Robin is now in Southampton airport with quite a few hours to spare before his flight up to Manchester.
This worries me.
When Robin had 4 hours stop over in Frankfurt a while ago he came home with a cuckoo clock. He kept getting drawn back into the shop until finally he made a purchase. You either love them or hate them, fortunately I love them. However, it can be rather off putting when trying to catch the news headlines at 10 o'clock.
Robin 'phoned me a short time ago and said he was bored with hanging around so was making some enquiries about a new microphone.
This could prove to be a very costly phase of boredom, although it should earn its keep far more than the cuckoo does.


Little Urchin said...

I know that clock well... it puntuates my son's guitar lesson every week, but it's very nice. Let's hope the microphone is more silent and less distracting.

Anna said...

Thank you Andre, the clock wasn't cheep (get it?) and the microphone is still being researched...