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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Claude Bolling

The house seemed incredibly quiet despite children and their friends. I realised it was the lack of music. When Robin is home the house is flooded with sound. He's either practicing or listening to music, both at great volume.
So when taking a coffee break I put on one of his Cd's. I chose 'Robin Hill's Eklectica.' Amongst other things this features Claude Bolling's Concerto for Classic Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio. It seemed to fit the mood of the moment.
I haven't listened to it for some time and was delighted to be reunited. It's a fantastic piece in seven movements. I've seen Eklectica perform it on a number of occasions and it is always very well received. It amazes me that the piece isn't more popular.
Having said that, the other day we did get an e mail from a guitarist asking if we knew how to contact Monsieur Bolling.
Hopefully that indicates that others feel the same as I do.
I think I should make it my mission in life to publicise this piece.
So if you haven't heard it, you can buy it by clicking on the 'Robin Hill-solo CDs' link!


Anonymous said...

Claude Bolling, for me, is the most interesting composer of the XX century. The Suite for Camber Orchestra and Jazz Trio and the Picnic Suite are my favourites.
In his web page you can find an email address where you can write him.

Anna said...

Thank you faust, I'm glad someone else shares my enthusiasm.