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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Footstools Galore

I have just spoken to Robin who is now relaxing, well practicing actually, on his luxury liner with a view of the Statue of Liberty from his porthole. I'm not a bit envious.
Having discussed the need for two footstools yesterday, Robin managed to trip over one of his and break it!
After talking to some of the crew he discovered there was a shop in Brooklyn which may be able to help. As he had a few hours before setting sail, he caught the shuttle boat and found the 'Guitar Center'. I was very relieved to hear it was mainly steel strung and acoustic guitars as Robin does have a habit of buying classical ones at the very top end of the range. Worryingly, he also established that the nearest place for those was in Manhattan, far too close for comfort.
The Guitar Center was a huge place and the assistant took him to a display of footstools, Robin chose one, the assistant picked it up, and the whole display collapsed! Fortunately they both thought it rather amusing.
He's back on board now and we'll talk one more time before he's out of range for the mobile so it will be e-mail only.

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