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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Guitar Concerts in the Norwegian Fjords

I thought you might enjoy a brief update into the life of this musician over the last week, and it has been pretty eventful.
Robin is currently in the beautiful Norwegian Fjords and enjoying the views:

But of course he is actually there to give two concerts, both of which he has now performed.
The theatre, which holds more than 1000 people, was full on each occasion and the audience very appreciative.
Robin has spoken to many of them since, who so enjoyed the first performance that they went along to the second.
In fact one gentleman, who's father was a pianist, thanked Robin for the two concerts saying he had, 'such a wonderful touch on the guitar'. He was close to tears.
For a musician this is a fantastic reward for the many years of hard work that go into each performance. To move a person, not only during a concert but also after the event, is quite an achievement.

But Robin has had time to enjoy some of the spectacular and dramatic scenery, including the snow capped mountains which are making him wish he had taken a coat...

Here you can even see the QM2 amongst the mountains and houses:

But even in remote parts of the Norwegian Fjords it's possible to bump into someone you know.
As Robin enjoyed a walk he met an old friend, Francisco Yglesia, a Paraguayan harpist and former member of Los Paraguayos.

Last I heard they were discussing strings....

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