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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Manuel de Falla and his House

The music of Manuel de Falla is known and loved throughout the world and has influenced the careers of many musicians.
Robin is no exception.
The Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo have recorded many of his pieces.
The Teldec CD 'Virtuoso Guitar' features 'El Amor Brujo', La Vida Breve' and 'El Sombreo de Tres Picos' (Three Cornered Hat) plus many other incredible pieces by Tarrega, Albeniz, Scarlatti etc, with some of the tracks performed by Wolfgang Lendle.

Plus I have mentioned Falla here on the blog a number of times, 'Alicia de Larrocha, the Ritual Fire Dance and a Maths Exam' and amusingly here on, 'Hill/Wiltschinsky - Pump It or Dump It' and 'Manuel de Falla's, 'Miller's Dance' and the Solar System'.
But Robin has also collaborated with other musicians and this post refers to one such performance, 'Review: Robin Hill and Izzy Cooper'.

So as you can see, Manuel de Falla has been a major part in Robin's life, so he was delighted to find himself in Falla's birthplace, Cadiz.
So you can imagine his excitement when he turned a corner and came across this bookshop:

Then, right next door he spotted a plaque:

And found himself standing in front of Manuel de Falla's home, (Upper floors):

Falla's birthplace overlooks a beautiful square and this is part of it:

Over the day I had many 'phone calls as Robin described each new discovery, even down to this glorious fountain, complete with turtles:

Cadiz is certainly a place I also wish to visit to pay my own respects to the wonderful composer, Manuel de Falla.

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