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Monday, June 15, 2009

John Paul Gaultier and the Life of a Musician?

Robin is on the QM2 and has already completed his first concert.
It all went very well and he is now preparing for the next one.

But I haven't been idle as I've had other things to think about, and therefore have something a little different for you today.

I have been asked many times by various companies to 'discuss' their product on this blog.
Sometimes it's an easy decision to make.
If the product is relevant, and I believe in it, then there's a chance I will write about it.
Sometimes I just like the approach they have taken and think it might be nice to add something a little different.

However, it can also be a balancing act.
You don't want to alienate your regular readers with blog posts that won't interest them.

A few days ago I was approached to show a 'teaser video' for John Paul Gaultier.

Basically, "MA DAME is celebrating her first birthday and has invited an artist to the party whose favourite art is one of surprise".

I watched the video and thought it was very good.
Then spent some time trying to think of a way that I could possibly connect this to the 'Life of a Musician'.

Other than the fact that I am a fan of Gaultier perfume I couldn't really come up with anything.

But, the campaign does highlight the need to approach marketing from a new perspective.
The pressure to come up with fresh ideas, ways of connecting with ones audience, and making use of technological advances are all essential marketing tools.

So in the end, I decided that if John Paul Gaultier was happy to invest in me, then I should return the favour and show you the video.

But there are other reasons.

Those who regularly read the blog and twitter, will know that I follow, listen and try to learn from those at the cutting edge of promoting their music.
One of my roles is to try and convince the world of 'classical music' that this is the way forward.
As we try to encourage younger people to learn to love all types of music, we have to meet them in the arena in which they are most familiar, so the use of the Internet is vital.
Already there are changes, for example, many orchestras now use Twitter as another way to promote themselves and engage their audience.

So that's why I decided to show you the video.
It's a great example of creating a buzz around your product, and, in this case, beautifully done.

So, for a few days, enjoy 'What's happening at Jean Paul Gaultier Maison de Courture' by clicking on the image in the sidebar.

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