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Monday, June 29, 2009

JPF Music Awards 2009 - Nominee... Robin Hill!

We were delighted to discover on Friday, (many thanks to Nik Payton in Brazil for telling me!) that Robin has been nominated for the JPF Music Awards 2009.
The song is, Dolor de Muelas, and it has been shortlisted under the Latin Jazz Song section, amongst 20 other nominees.
To see the full list you can visit here.

This is a substantial achievement.
After 14 months of screening with 5 long rounds and 3 groups of judges made up of the music industry, artists/writer peers and music fans, the nominees were finally selected.
Apparently, 42 000 albums were submitted and a total of 560 000 songs across all genres!
According to the information I have this means that less than 1/3 of 1% were nominated.

Dolor de Muelas, (which can be found on 'Virtuoso' CD Baby, iTunes) may appear an unusual title and that's because when translated it means 'toothache'. At the time of composition Robin was suffering with the aforementioned and decided it would be rather amusing.
However we didn't realise the piece would be under so much scrutiny!
Dolor de Muelas has a freewheeling, samba groove and you can read more about it in the original post, 'Track 2: Dolor de Muelas and Manic Management...'.

So I would just like to say thank you to the judges who selected Robin's piece of music for this stage and wish everyone luck for the final round.
Maybe we'll see some of you in Nashville TN in August...

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