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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Escape from Devil's Island

Robin has been home for a few days now and had time to reflect on his latest trip.
From a musical point of view it was a huge success.
Two concerts, both very well attended, were enjoyed by audience and musician alike.

But this particular trip took Robin to some incredible places.
He has returned with hundreds of photographs and many memories that shall remain with him always.

As this is all about the life of a musician, I thought I'd share some of the photographs with you.
I think the first is so evocative of the whole region.
To look out of your window and see the muddy waters of the Amazon against the backdrop of the lush rain forest is an amazing sight in itself.
But then to have a brief snapshot of life on the Amazon takes it to another level.

The local people, of all ages, from the very young to the old, paddled up in their canoes to wave and say hello:

All this against the exotic sounds of the jungle that were all around.
It was a heady experience.

But the fascinating tour continued.
After a few days they arrived here:

Devil's Island is an extraordinary place and one that, generally, is only enjoyed vicariously through travel programmes, history classes or through books such as Henri Charriere's, 'Papillon'.

Whilst the wildlife is certainly exotic and plentiful:

The accommodation for the prisoners was far from attractive:

It must have been an horrendous experience for all those poor souls interned in such a place.
The humidity and heat is intense, and solitary confinement and torture were rife at the time.
To add to the inmates' joys the coast of Venezuela can clearly been seen from the small islands but any thoughts of escape had to be carefully planned as the surrounding waters were, and still are, shark infested, which is not exactly conducive to an exhilarating swim for freedom.

But even on the island great care is needed when walking around.
Can you discern a rather 'snappy' friend which Robin, luckily, spotted before it spotted him....

But the advantage of visiting Devil's Island as a tourist, (or in this case musician having a few hours off...) rather than a prisoner, is that you get to leave at the end of the day and return to the luxury of your room:

Robin only spent a short time on the Island as his concert was that evening.
But he was there long enough to realise how desperate and difficult it must have been for the inmates.
Somehow his guitar concert that night felt slightly easier...

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