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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Led Zeppelin Review and Robin Hill on Electric Guitar

Led Zeppelin have reformed for a 'one off' reunion gig which has gone down a storm.
So successful was it that there are rumours that more will follow.
To read an ecstatic review, by David Cheal, of their concert at the O2 arena, here it is, 'Led Zeppelin: Then it got better still'.

This was enough to prompt us to play 'Good Times Bad Times', from Led Zeppelin 1, a favourite of Robin's as it has Jimmy Page playing some triplet scales, ascending and descending, which was quite unusual at the time it was recorded.
We thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and I hope our neighbours did too...

If you have found yourself on this site due to the references to Led Zeppelin, then you may be interested to see that some classical musicians do have the ability to play rock.
Check out these links from previous blog entries I have made of Robin playing electric guitar with various groups over the years.
First, 'Palace of the Kings', with Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Maggie Bell and Paul Martinez.

Then there's, 'Wizard of Waukesha' with his band 'Hooper'.

Or maybe, 'Fast Forward', again with 'Hooper', this time playing his Travis Bean guitar.

Finally, there's another band of Robin's, 'Force 10', here you can read all about them and follow the links for more playing.

So, some players have many facets to their musical character...

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