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Saturday, December 23, 2006

New iPod and Downloads Galore

Yesterday Robin went out to buy my Christmas present and came home with an new iPod. He did also have some secret packages that were spirited away to an unknown location, (well a cupboard in the music room actually, but I promise I won't look.)
Since the purchase of the iPod, I have been inundated with technical information and its amazing capabilities, most of which I'm afraid I can't remember.
I do know that all day we have been unable to attract Robins attention as he has been wearing his noise reduction headphones and listening to his freshly downloaded tracks. I have tried the headphones and they are great. I often wear them around the house, not actually plugged into anything but they are fantastic at filtering out children, doorbell and telephone!
I must say the new toy is incredible and has a huge capacity for tracks, videos, photographs and pretty much anything. The main attraction for Robin was that the battery lasts an amazing 20 hours, so it's ideal for all the long haul flights he does. As he has plenty of those coming up next year, at least he can while away the time listening to just about anything he wants.
I don't think he has realised yet that all the invoices for the tracks are being sent to my computer so I know exactly how many he's been purchasing.....
Those packages in the cupboard better be good, but at least I inherit the old iPod.

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