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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flamenco Guitars...

Robin was going out this morning and as he left the house his passing comment was, 'Listen out for the doorbell as I'm expecting two guitars.' !!!!
He beat a hasty retreat before I could ask any questions.
The said guitars arrived, both Flamenco, one a Conde Hermanos and the other a Ramirez.
By this time Robin was home, and eagerly fought his way through the packaging adding, 'They asked me to try them out.'
Oh yes....
Well, some time, and many rasgueados later he decided they weren't the ones for him.
They were both beautiful instruments though, particularly the Ramirez which had traditional wooden peg heads. But they have to feel right to the player. We once had a family holiday in Spain and spent a day in Seville, not looking at the sights,(which incidentally are fantastic), but in a guitar makers shop trying out various instruments. Despite the intense heat outside this was the only time Robin broke into a sweat!
So we now have two huge boxes standing in the hallway awaiting collection.
But at least I can breath a sigh of relief.

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