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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uriah Heep, Jon Hiseman's Colosseum and the Naked Drummer

A local radio station prompted an old friend to call today.
For some reason the station were reminiscing about the band Uriah Heep and a concert they performed back in 1971.
They asked anyone listening with memories of the event to get in touch.

Our friend, Pete Hilton, remembered the occasion well, as he was there, with Robin, playing in a band on the same bill.
The band was 'Spring', and they went on stage before Uriah Heep.

I was intrigued, so looked up Uriah Heep's site, you can see it here.
Sure enough, if you go to their gigs list, click 1971, then on August 29th the very concert is listed, Kendal Festival.

It was quite a night, as after 'Spring', Jon Hiseman later went on with 'Colosseum'.

Neither Robin nor Pete Hilton were able to recall much of events of the evening. Whether that was the passage of time, it was 37 years ago, or whether it was the excesses of the night, (it was after all a rock festival) I haven't yet established.

However, they did both remember being on the same bill as Uriah Heep on another occasion in which the drummer did the entire set naked.
I should add that Spring didn't follow suit...or should I say without suit or in birthday suits.....

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