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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life's Little Instruction Book

Back in 1992 Robin gave me a present.
It was a book written by H.Jackson Brown,Jr. called, 'Life's Little Instruction Book'.

The idea was a simple one.
The author wanted to write a few thoughts and general observations to pass onto his son as he left home to attend college.
Instead of just a few points, the collection grew into, "511 suggestions, observations, and reminders on how to live a happy and rewarding life."

It's a beautiful concept, and one that all parents should consider, to hand onto their offspring at the appropriate time.

We have referred to it many times in the intervening years and in fact incorporated many of the points into our daily lives.
But there is one entry that has caused us great mirth and a sense of well being on many occasions.
If you already have the book, then it's No. 491. If you don't own a copy, then I suggest you purchase one.

However, No. 491 states, 'Make someone's day by paying the toll for the person in the car behind you.'

This in particular appealed to Robin's sense of humour, and we have used it on many occasions over the years.
It generally works something like this:

You pull up at the toll station, choosing the manned option.
You then pay your own fee and add, "and this is for my friend in the car behind."
Generally all other passengers in the car start to squirm at this point.
We have never been questioned further, presumably the operator just assumes we are travelling in tandem.
As you pull off, be sure to watch the next car, as it arrives at the booth.
They try to pay their fee, and are told, "your friend has paid for you."
This causes a great deal of confusion as the unsuspecting car behind you tries to explain that they have no idea who you are.

Meanwhile, we are all rolling around laughing and speculating on the conversation that ensues in the following vehicle as they try to understand what has occurred.

Try it, not only does it pass the time on a long journey, but you are also left feeling virtuous for doing a good deed for a complete stranger.

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