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Friday, November 17, 2006

Children, Classical Music and Shiny Shoes

I was reminded the other day that when my eldest son was in infant school they used to play classical music whilst the class got on with their work. The theory is that it helps them concentrate and I'm sure there is a lot of evidence to back that up.
I asked him if he felt it had helped, and he said that for him it was very good, it made him more relaxed as it was like being at home!
Apart from helping them concentrate, it will also expose children to types of music they may not be hearing anywhere else, and get those neurones twitching in the brain.
We shouldn't underestimate the ability children have to enjoy all styles of music.
Robin has frequently played in schools and although he chooses his programme carefully, mainly playing shorter pieces, the general content is exactly what he would do for an ordinary concert. The children always love it and are a very enthusiastic audience. Although the questions they ask are a little obscure, like, 'Why are your shoes shinier than his?' at a Hill/Wiltschinsky concert!

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