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Sunday, March 08, 2020

Grow - Felix Hill

Felix Hill has released his 3rd single, 'Grow', you can listen on Spotify and it can be found on all digital platforms. To hear all his songs, 'Pale Moons', 'Streetlight Panorama' and 'Grow', go to his Spotify page.

They are all very different and 'Grow' reflects another of Felix's many musical influences. The topic, concerning the break up of a relationship, is a familiar one to most people.

From a very early age, Felix has listened to many diverse styles. I'm as likely to hear Frank Sinatra blasting from his room as I am the Arctic Monkeys, Declan McKenna or Rex Orange County.

I feel that 'Grow' highlights this very well. It has an 'old school' feel, which reflects his interest in Sinatra, Chet Baker, Wayne Newton and more recent artists, Michael Bublé and Bruno Major. There's no hiding place in the vocals for a song like this and I feel the depth of emotion Felix has achieved is way beyond his mere 17 years.

As with his other recordings, Felix plays all the instruments except the drums. These were recorded by the wonderful Maurice Cheetham.

Grow has already been performed live a number of times, with Felix's excellent drummer Ewan McDonough and is always very well received. Their next gig is on Saturday 14th March, Off The Square, Manchester, and tickets are available here.

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