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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Amazon

As you know, prior to Christmas, Robin was in South America.
It's actually the second time this year that he has ventured up the Amazon, here's the post I wrote last time:
'Arrival in the Amazon, Caruso and Fitzcarraldo'

Before Crystal Symphony set sail there was a couple of days to enjoy Manaus, Brazil, especially as Robin had 9 days before his first concert...

Here you can see the famous Opera House and beautifully decorated tree:

A trip to the fish market highlighted the many different fish available when shopping in the Amazon, Robin was however quite pleased to be recovering from a cold and therefore had a reduced sense of smell...

It was in the tiny village of Boca de Valeria that one really sensed they had arrived in the Amazon:

This is a typical village house:

A local tradition for recycling involves old Kayaks. Put to good use growing flowers and herbs:

It was a particularly long trip, especially for 2 concerts, but both were received enthusiastically with standing ovations.
Appropriately Robin played lots of South American music, featuring composers such as Federico Bustamente, Dilermando Reis, Pernambuco and Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Robin kept busy though with lots of practice and plenty of table tennis although he declined to try piranha fishing.
Not being a fisherman, I think it was a wise choice, his fingers are rather important to him....

There were plenty of concerns about getting home for Christmas.
First British Airways threatening to strike. And as soon as this situation resolved, the weather changed.
Severe snow hit the UK.
Robin left Buenos Aires, Argentina, for Heathrow without any problems, and 15 hours later arrived to find his connecting flight cancelled.
Eventually a coach was supplied and a travel weary musician slowly made his way home.

At least it gave the rest of us time to make this little fellow for him:

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