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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to you all for your patience over the last few weeks whilst I took a break and made use of the time by having my computer repaired. (Many thanks Pete!!)
I hope that you have enjoyed looking back over the archives in my absence.

December has been a particularly busy time for Robin, and consequently for me, and he spent the grand total of 18 hours at home during the entire month.
He has been to 15 countries and performed 6 concerts, all of which went extremely well.

Robin should have been home for a whole day, but there was an unfortunate, and worrying situation on his flight from Philadelphia.
Mid Atlantic the plane developed a problem and had to return to the US.
After an anxious time, and much delay circling Philadelphia to burn off and dump surplus fuel, the plane, thankfully, landed safely, all the passengers were transferred to another aircraft, and they set off once again. Later in the flight Robin, who is a veteran of 100s and 100s of flights, asked one of the stewardesses how common this kind of procedure was in her experience. She replied that she had been a stewardess for 26 years and had never ever had to turn back during a flight before.

For most of this time away Robin has been in the Caribbean, so he has returned today with a rather pleasant suntan.

However, home he is, and back just in time to celebrate with the family over the festive period.
As you can imagine we are all delighted.
Whether Robin will be quite so happy about 5 o'clock tomorrow morning when we are woken by two hyper excited children, and he has to drag himself out of a jet lagged sleep, remains to be seen....

But for now, we all hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, wherever you are.

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