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Monday, November 03, 2008

Pugwash Puganini Hill

We have had a very exciting weekend.
Many months ago son number two was promised a puppy.
He's too young to remember the whole 'puppy' experience and was desperate for his own small furry friend.
Having established that this wasn't just a passing phase we finally relented.
So, here she is, introducing:

Pugwash Puganini Hill

She is a delightful little girl, a cross between a Pug and a West Highland White, therefore known as a Pugland.
Having taken delivery of her on Saturday she has managed to make herself very much at home, and win over all the Hillhouse members, human and furry.

In fact as I type, at a rather unusual angle, she has fallen asleep on my knee.
Fortunately she has a big, confident personality, despite her size, as she has a lot of different noises to get used to.

So far, luckily for us, she is very happy with the sound of the guitar.
There was a momentary hesitation with the violin, but she has now got over that.
And she appears perfectly at ease with the harmonica and the tambourine, (yes, all played regularly here at Hillhouse.)
We haven't subjected her to the drums yet, much too loud for those little ears.

So watch this space.
Traditionally every pet we have ever introduced into our home has had a piece of music composed for them.
Pugwash Puganini will be no exception.
Expect something big.
Although small she is full of character, and her Dad's smitten...