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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tidy up...

Robin has been home a few days and enjoying playing with the children and taking the dogs out. Even the torrential rain hasn't dampened his enthusiasm!
It goes without saying that practice has continued at a normal level, general maintenance of his solo programme, and thinking about new pieces. However, I was shocked today when he started clearing out drawers in the music room. This is unheard of!
Anyone that is familiar with a musicians mind will realise that all their energy goes into the music and interpretation. The music room itself is complete chaos, to my eyes anyway, although Robin does appear to have a vague idea where various pieces of music are. Piles and piles of music and manuscript paper don't just contain themselves to the music room. We once had a freezer delivered, and when I got round to cleaning it up and plugging it in, guess what I found inside, yes, at least a foot high pile of music. When I challenged Robin about this all he said was, 'It's good to keep a fandango in the freezer.'!
Consequently, you can imagine my surprise to find him emptying drawers and sorting out. I haven't yet had an explanation for this strange behaviour, but fear the 'sorted out' music will appear, redistributed, around the house..

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