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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Son of a Musician

Son number two starts school later this week.
We were issued with a booklet to fill in, with his help, to make the transition to school life easier.
There were many questions, likes/dislikes, what makes you happy/sad, what you can/can't do, that type of thing.
This was all fine.
Then there was a section, 'What are your favourite nursery rhymes/songs?'
Here we got stuck.
His reply was, 'She's Leaving Home', by The Beatles,
'Shut Up', Black Eyed Peas,
'Sk8er Boi' by Avril Lavigne and Beethoven's 5th Symphony...
'She's Leaving Home', is currently a favourite, despite waking early one morning and asking us, "Where did they leave their baby?", somehow he hadn't quite got the point of the piece.
'Shut Up', doesn't exactly have suitable lyrics for four year olds, but we have all become very good at singing loudly over any phrases we don't wish him to repeat in public, making up our own words as we go along...
'Sk8er Boi', because he loves to dance to it.
Beethoven's 5th, well, he didn't actually announce the name of the piece, but he did sing a few bars, and that was what he wanted putting on the form.

This left us in a dilemma.
Do we put the pieces he mentioned, or, try and steer him towards pieces that his new found peers are more likely to know.
What will his peers know anyway?
In the end we put something vague.
Luckily he is familiar with all the current cartoons and their theme music, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder etc. So I just hope that he will be able to fall back on this to help him mingle in those first few days...

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