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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Preparing For A Concert - 'The Guitar Gymnasium' Way

Guitar students, and also members of audiences, often ask Robin how he prepares specifically for a concert.
So I have taken a small extract from his book, 'The Guitar Gymnasium', to offer you a little insight.

"For the week preceding the concert, I play through the programme in it's entirety at least once, and often twice, a day. I isolate particularly difficult sections and practise them slowly, sometimes changing the fingering if I find a better one, and, as usual, I practice an array of technical exercises.
It is very important, during practice, to be aware of any bodily tensions, however slight, which will, under the strain of live performance, be magnified at least tenfold. If one identifies and addresses them in the practice room, they are less likely to surface in the concert hall."

There's a whole chapter on 'Performance and Practice' so this is just a little taster.
It is however particularly relevant this week.
Robin is preparing for another trip away and is currently rehearsing three different 45 minute programmes.
As you can imagine, this requires an awful lot of time and patience, if you are going to play through all the programmes at least once, if not twice, a day.
Consequently our days are pretty long at the moment and his fingers are working very hard indeed.
Not to mention his brain, as, Robin performs entirely from memory.

For anyone interested in reading more of 'The Guitar Gymnasium', then check out the LINKS section where you can order it from the UK, USA, or direct from the publishers, Mel Bay.

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