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Monday, September 24, 2007

On the Way To.....

It's not that we are blase about Robin's travels abroad, but I had a rather amusing 'phone call from him yesterday, after he had settled in on board the QE2.

"Where am I going?" was the question.
I couldn't help but laugh.
The itinerary we get for these trips contain only flight details.
So, on this occasion, we knew he was flying to Heathrow, and would then be collected, and taken to Southampton.
We also know, that his return flight is from Boston, Massachusetts.
As to where he was going in between was something of a mystery.

Normally, one of my jobs is to check countries to be visited, partly out of interest, and partly because I need to know whether travel injections are required, or visas, and even, what type of clothing to pack.
But it has been so busy here.
We did know that it would be mainly around North America, so no new visas or immunisations were needed.
Consequently I didn't look any further.
I did mean to, but, the time just ran out.
However, to save Robin any embarrassment when talking to other people on board, I thought he should at least have some idea where he was going!

As it turns out, it is a trip of 'firsts'.
This is quite rare these days, as Robin has been touring the world for 35 years, playing his guitar, either as part of the Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo, or as a soloist, so there aren't many places left that he hasn't been to.
But on this trip , he is going to a few places, and one country, for the first time.
You'll have to keep checking in to find out where...

By the time I'd discovered this, we were out of contact, except via e mail.
So I sent the details off, and this morning, had a delighted reply.
I do hope he isn't going to sack his PA for poor planning....

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