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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Needs of a Travelling Guitarist

It doesn't seem to matter how much notice we have for trips abroad, there always seems to be a last minute panic, and, reasonably organised chaos.
Today has been no exception.
As fast as I have been preparing concert shirts in the last few days, Robin, who has been particularly busy, has been wearing them again.
Finally, today, I think I have caught up with him and we are now ready to pack.

It isn't like packing to go on holiday.
Much more is required.
Apart from the usual every day clothes that anybody would need whilst away, we also have to find room for Robin's concert suit, three concert shirts (on this occasion), concert shoes, strings, footstalls and of course, the extensive nail kit that is required by any travelling guitarist. That alone is the size of a large wash bag.
Oh, then there's a pile of music, some just to be used as a sort of security blanket pre concert, and other new pieces that are currently being worked on.
Not forgetting, passport, visa, (he's heading for the USA), and all the relevant paperwork.
Finally, tennis gear, just in case Robin manages to talk someone into a quick game.

So now I have made my list of things to do, I had better go and get on with it.
Oh, yes, I'd better not forget to add guitar to the list.....

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