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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Musicians and Their Families

Bryn Terfel, Britain's leading opera star, has pulled out of the Royal Opera House's autumn production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. You can read the article by Matthew Taylor here.
Terfel wants to spend more time with his family.
A decision he reached, after one of his sons required surgery three times for a badly broken finger, with more treatment to follow.

Any parent wants to be with their child at a time like this. It's always difficult getting the balance right when you are working. But if that work takes you away from home, often for lengthy periods of time, it can be a considerable strain for all concerned.
Robin has missed childrens' birthdays, sports day, parents' evenings, harvest festivals etc. all because he has been away at the time, and all he would have attended and enjoyed, if he had been home.

Whilst this is difficult for us, it is even harder for him. Especially birthdays. Last year we had to e mail a photo of the birthday boy holding up a message to his Dad, just so that he felt a part of things.
Unfortunately the same situation will arise next month.
But what can you do?
It's not just a case of accepting work, but also, of needing to play.
So we muddle through as best we can and make the most of the times when he is home.

Terfel will still be doing concerts, just less opera, which requires more time away from home.
I'm sure it's a decision he has deliberated over, and I hope that it is one that works out for him.

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