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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The QE2 and 'Music Practice Tips'

Robin is now on board the QE2, in Southampton, and waiting to set sail.
We had an early morning family outing to the airport in which son number two declared, "This is the way to New York!" I suppose that indirectly he is quite correct.
Whilst Robin is away on this trip he will miss the same sons birthday. Thoughtful as ever, Robin had brought him an early birthday present, so that he could give it to him himself.
Said son was absolutely delighted with the Buzz Lightyear laser gun that makes 10 different horrendous noises.
Judging by the look on Robin's face, he was well aware that by the time he returns, the novelty of the toy will have worn off, and it will have found its way to the bottom of the toy box, under a mound of new birthday gifts.
Thus Robin has all the pleasure of giving such a present, and none of the discomfort of the unbearable noise for the next few days...

Today I have also added a new link to the 'Links' section. Ben Clapton, over in Australia, has a new site, 'Music Practice Tips', which is, 'a source of practice tips and inspiration,' and is, 'designed to help promote effective and efficient music practice.'

It covers many types of instruments, and we have been asked to do a 'guest blogger' spot, in the near future. So keep your eye on the site for useful tips, and I'll let you know when our article on guitar practice is available.

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