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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Sacrifices Musicians Make

It has been a particularly busy weekend in Hillhouse, hence my absence yesterday, and it isn't over yet.
As the school year gets underway so do the many activities that the children are involved in.
We have had swimming, two parties and a family gathering, which has resulted in me becoming a taxi service for the duration.
Robin has unfortunately had to miss them all, as he has been working very hard, out both Friday and Saturday evening, and again, at another private function, on Sunday afternoon.
This is the sacrifice that many musicians have to make.
They tend to work when every one else is relaxing and enjoying the weekend.
He was disappointed that he couldn't attend a close friends special party on Saturday, but they understand the situation, which does make it easier.
After all, it is Robin that has to get up there in front of an audience and perform, he has to be prepared.
Hopefully he will be home in time to catch the end of the family gathering today, probably arriving just as sons and cousins have worn themselves out, and are past their best!
As he hasn't seen much of our two boys over the last two days I think I'll get him to organise the bedtime routine.
Two overtired children, with that Sunday evening feeling, should help to keep his feet very firmly on the ground...

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