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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Not-So-Glamorous Side of the Travelling Musician

Yesterday I had some rather unhappy e mails from a seasick musician. It isn't often that this happens and highlights just how rough the sea must have been.
Mind you, we suffered gales here in the North of England yesterday, and the South had a series of mini tornado's. So I can imagine what the Atlantic must have been like.
As always, Robin's main concern was that he felt too unwell to practise, and as the first recital is tonight, this wasn't really a position he wanted to be in.
The situation was made worse by the hatches being well and truly battened down, and consequently, there was no natural light in his room.
Robin is an outdoor type, so, this was particularly difficult.

However, a new day dawned and the weary musician emerged feeling much better, and immediately got down to some serious guitar practise.
His sense of humour also returned, as he informed me that although the weather had improved at the moment, worse was to come in the next two days. There's a tropical storm in the East Atlantic, that as yet, hadn't become a hurricane...!

After practising on and off all day, and taking time out for the sound check, he booked himself a session on an exercise bike, and rattled off 10 miles, which will have helped with any pre concert build up of adrenaline.

As the time difference is changing every day, it will be tomorrow before I have any news of the concert, so you'll just have to wait - like me.

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