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Friday, September 21, 2007

Paco de Lucia - Panaderos Flamencos

Whilst we appear to be in a flamenco frame of mind at the moment I had to share another video with you.
This time it is the fabulous Paco de Lucia and he is performing, 'Impetu & Panaderos Flamencos'.
The first part of the video is 'Impetu', which is worth watching in its own right, but, it is the second half, 'Panaderos Flamencos', or, 'Baker's Flamenco', by Esteban Delgardo, which is highly evocative for me.

Robin was learning this piece whilst we were on holiday a year or so ago.
The desire to learn it rekindled by the fact we were in southern Spain at the time.
The sound of this piece floating out of all the doors and windows of the farm house we were staying in, will stay with me forever.
What better way to hear the music than sitting in the sun, with children playing, and your husband playing his guitar against the backdrop of the Ronda Mountains in Andalucia.

If you are wondering how Robin 'happened' to have the music with him whilst on holiday, well, he didn't.
He did however find a Paco de Lucia CD for sale on a street corner, something unlikely to happen in the UK, and the piece was on it.
He then transcribed the piece from the CD and we were all able to enjoy the music in the environment in which it was born.
As you can see, it was something of a working holiday for Robin, but then there are no other types for him!

Incidentally, on the same trip he bought a Reyes flamenco guitar in Seville, but that's another story...

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