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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hill Plays Bustamente In The Bathroom

Today Robin has been practicing 'Misionera' by Federico Bustamente. This is an Argentinian piece and Misionera is the plural for young women of that region.
As day wore on into evening I took sons one and two up for their bath and calming bedtime routine.
As they were splashing about, Robin appeared and continued playing to his captive audience, in the bathroom.
Anyone familiar with this music will know that it is an exuberant piece steeped in the folk idioms of Argentina, and not conducive to calming two children at bedtime, particularly as the theme is played with tremelo variations.
By this stage they were in pyjamas, running around wearing Astrix helmets, and brandishing any toy that could be used as a weapon.
Whilst not helping with sleep I'm sure it was doing wonders for their musical education!
I had to step in and put my foot down.
Robin's counter attack was to break into 'Berceuse' by Leo Brouwer, a lullaby.
As both children are now asleep I have to admit it worked.

I couldn't end without acknowledging the news that Michael Brecker has died. This is a very sad day as he was a fantastic musician and the world has been left a poorer place.

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