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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back On Line...

To all the readers worldwide who logged in yesterday only to find I hadn't posted an entry I can only apologise.
It's the first time in the history of this blog that this has happened and it wasn't my fault.
The day started well enough, I sent out a number of important e mails, incidentally if you were one of the people who replied then please send again as 'the system' has managed to loose some mail, then stopped for lunch.
On returning to my desk I was unable to access the Internet, or even sign in. Tried all the usual things - no joy.
Robin decided to leave the premises as my frustration mounted and took son number two to Waterstones for coffee (Robin) and frescato, (son).
Meanwhile I spent a 'pleasant' hour on the 'phone being told to crawl around on the floor to connect various wires, go to certain parts of the computer and type strange messages in, then read back long numbers. After some time of this the disembodied voice said, 'Oh, actually I've just noticed there are some major repairs going on in your area and you'll be off line for 24 hours. Anything else I can help you with?'
Well yes, pay me for the work I've lost in that time, and how about informing us in advance in the future.
There was an up side. As I suddenly had some time on my hands, and couldn't face a huge pile of ironing, (see 'chaos and confusion' entry for reasons), I was able to sit down and finish the book I'm reading. Jessic Duchen's 'Rites of Spring'. It was a captivating read which shows huge insight into the world of classical music and the arts in general. As Anna Britten of 'Classic FM Magazine' says, "..The neatly composed plot charges to a climax as steadily as Ravel's Bolero.."
Couldn't have put it better myself. I'll certainly be getting 'Alicia's Gift' which I believe is out in March.


Jessica said...

Thank you, Anna - that's so sweet of you, and immensely appreciated. ALICIA'S GIFT is due out on 8 March, so fingers crossed that you enjoy that too!

Anna said...

Your welcome.
I think I'll pre-order a copy, as Robin will be away somewhere between Cape Town and Mombassa at that time, so I should get chance to have a good read!