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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Latest Batch of Unusual Google Searches

I have decided to share a few more unusual google searches with you today.
This time, for your added entertainment, I have also shown the page on which the unknown searcher landed.
For some there is an obvious connection, others are little more obscure, but that's the nature of Google!
The 'search', in bold, is exactly as I found it.

Here goes:

1) "What was with President Bush's eyebrows last night?"

Now, I don't know what President Bush had been doing with his eyebrows that prompted this search, but here is the page they read:
'Concert Comments and George Bush's Eyebrows'

2) "Possessed by a musician"

Are they possessed by a musician or do they want to be? Who knows.
'John Dowland and a Man Possessed'

3) "Boho Dance and Consumption"

This found a post from back in 2007 which mentions the fabulous Joni Mitchell:
'Robin Hill's 'Unofficial' Desert Island Discs'

4) "Bob Dylan's trousers"

I have no idea why someone was interested in Bob Dylan's trousers but this is the page they read:
'Bob Dylan, BBC Radio 2 and the 'Wrong Trousers'

5) "The Robin Hill flower of Congo"

As the name Robin Hill actually featured in the search it isn't that surprising the visitor arrived at this blog. But here's where they landed:
'From Romanian Gipsy Music to a Latin American Wedding'

6) "Brazilian rosewood fined jailed arrested"

Although guitars can be made from Brazilian rosewood I don't think that's what they were looking up, nor do I think they expected this:
'Concert, Corruption and Recording Company Chaos'

7) "Light on a Turkish Hill"

Strange but true!
'The Clairvoyant Rabbit and the Turkish Shoeshine Scandal'

8) "Felt poodle tea cosy"

I'm assuming somebody somewhere has the desire to purchase a tea cosy in the shape of a poodle...
'Cosi Fan Tutte'

and finally for today,

9) "How many hours from Alicante to Malta by aeroplane?"

Whilst not actually answering the question I hope this visitor enjoyed the story anyway!
'Coffee in Alicante'

One thing that has become apparent whilst preparing this post is the fact that I seem to have come up with some rather strange titles over the years. No wonder Google keep sending people our way.

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