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Friday, January 02, 2009

Freddie Hubbard 1938-2008

We start the New Year with the sad loss of one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time, Freddie Hubbard.
You can read a report here.
Born in Indianapolis in 1938 he first recorded with the Montgomery brothers before moving to New York and quickly establishing himself within the jazz scene.

By 1966 Hubbard worked mainly with his own quintets and quartets, although finding time to tour the US with Herbie Hancock's group V.S.O.P.

Hubbard recorded many albums and participated in experimental sessions such as with Ornette Coleman's, 'Free Jazz', and John Coltrane's, 'Ascension'.

The 'New Grove Dictionary of Jazz', describes him as, "foremost hard-bop trumpeter, his improvisations combining imaginative melody with a glossy tone, rapid and clean technique, a brilliant high register, a subtle vibrato," and employing "bluesy, squeezed half-valve notes."

It's good to know that audiences were able to enjoy his music live until very recently.
Only last year I had a 'phone call from Robin as he walked the streets of New York, to say he had seen a poster advertising a performance by Freddie Hubbard, later that day.
Unfortunately Robin couldn't attend as he was leaving at the time.

What more can you say?... except that the music of Freddie Hubbard will inspire and entertain for many years to come.

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