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Monday, February 11, 2008

Paris to Miami

It was an early start for Robin today.
As he was getting into a taxi at 4.30 this morning, he was already looking forward to coffee and croissant, on arrival at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

However, Air France were particularly efficient and I had a call from Robin as he waited for take off on his connecting flight.
He was rather put out that there hadn't been time to go for breakfast, and the longed for croissant had been denied him.
But, at least he will have the opportunity to partake of plenty of coffee on the long flight to Miami.
Why is it that the French are so much better at making coffee than we are?

Often I take Robin to the airport myself, but, the thought of getting two boys up so early in the morning, and then having to suffer the consequences for the rest of the day, were just too much for me.
Esecially as it's half term here, so they will be home all week, without their Dad.

Later today, Robin will arrive in Miami and join Crystal Symphony.
He has been on this lovely ship many times and always enjoys it.
I look forward to hearing from him, when he has settled in after his long flight.

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