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Friday, February 15, 2008

Cartagena - Colombia

Robin spent yesterday at sea, and used the time to practise and memorise, 'Cancion y Danza', by Ruiz Pipo.
He won't be playing it in concert on this trip, it needs to be firmly cemented in mind and fingers before a public performance, but he will quite likely introduce the piece into his repertoire very soon.

Today, Crystal Symphony has arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, and Robin is looking forward to going ashore.
From a distance it appears to be an interesting mix of old and new buildings and the area is famed for its emeralds.
The port itself is on the Northern coast of Colombia, with two old fortresses either side of the entrance to the harbour.

It's has been said that in years gone by, a huge chain was attached to each of the fortresses, remaining out of view under the water.
When a pirate ship was spotted, the chain was pulled up, ripping the bottom of the incoming ship, to protect the land from the pirates.

Luckily, no such problems today for Crystal.
I'm hoping for some nice pictures at some point and will pass them on when I can.

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