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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Robin's Return and Francis Poulenc

Robin has arrived home from Boston, in remarkably good spirits, despite the overnight flight.
He had to hang about at the airport for a while, as I was stuck in rush hour traffic, having deposited two children at school, at the earliest opportunity.
In fact we had to wait for them to unlock the door, and the lollipop man thought he was hallucinating, when he saw us arrive at 8am. (We are usually the ones running through the gates at the last minute...)

However, I eventually made it through the traffic, and whisked Robin away from the airport.
Amazingly he had his suitcase!! (Read earlier posts for the various lost luggage problems we have had.)

Once home we enjoyed the chance to sit and chat, face to face, over coffee. After catching up with nautical tales Robin asked to see the post that had arrived in his absence.
I knew that this would be the point that I lost him to the music room.
A package had arrived, in his absence, containing music.
Robin had ordered it before he went away, and, as predicted, couldn't resist going off to play through it.

The piece is 'Sarabande', by Francis Poulenc, which is dedicated to Ida Presti.
It's a short, but beautiful piece of music, that Robin played many years ago, and wanted to revisit.
It is also the only guitar piece that Poulenc wrote, composed in New York, March, 1960.

For me, well, it was just so nice to hear the guitar playing around the house again.

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