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Friday, October 19, 2007

New York and the Ancient Mesopotamian Proverb

The guitar concert went very well, and I trust the passenger Robin met, who expressed a passion for a certain composer, enjoyed the Dowland!
Robin has now arrived in New York, is in the process of leaving the QM2, and, is very keen to start his journey home.
He has a lot of hanging around to get through before boarding the plane, but, is enjoying being on dry land, and the weather, which is warm, if a little humid.
I think he'll get a shock when he arrives in Manchester to find it rather colder than he has got used to.
He has already planned a trip to the toy shop at JFK airport, and it will be interesting to see if the assistant remembers him again, as she did last time.

For Robin, a day without the chance to practice, is very frustrating. He passes the time by working on his computer or listening to music, but, what he really wants, is to get home.
I'm sure this is the same for any traveller, keen to return to family, and not relishing the prospect of an overnight flight.
In fact, here is an ancient Mesopotamian proverb, circa 2000 BC:

"Pleasure is beer, misery a long journey."

Somethings never change...

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