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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Music Society Musing

Today I have been following up on a few contacts.
One of them was a music society which has existed for 60 years.
Hill/Wiltschinsky have played for 'Prestwich Music Club' on numerous occasions, and I thought it time I organised a return visit, or solo performance.

I was quite taken aback to find on their web site that they had ceased operations in May this year due to falling membership.
It's very sad when such a committed group of people, who have enjoyed and promoted classical music for so long, have finally succumbed to lack of 'young blood' entering the system.
Robin has played in many different music socities over the years and it has been a worrying trend that the age of the audience is getting older.
However, it isn't always the case, as the guitar does have the power to pull in a younger generaton due to the many genres of playing.

But it's a shame for all concerned.
Sad for the members of a community who will no longer be able to hear, and to meet, top class musicians in a more intimate setting than the major concert halls.

Sad also for those who gave so much of their time planning and organising these events.

Sad for musicians, in a world where it is increasingly difficult for good music to be heard, yet another avenue closes.

We should learn to cherish and enjoy good music and not let our heritage drift off into the distance.
Change is good. Moving on is good. Modern styles of music are also important. But we must appreciate what has gone before because that will fuel the future.

I feel sure that a lack of funding, to help support these smaller associations, must be playing a part in their decline.
However, we also must find a way of introducing younger people to the delights of classical music.

The very term, 'classical music' is one which can alienate younger people, as they feel unable to relate to it.
The 'stuffy' look and feel which classical music had, has been changing, over the years.
The duo long ago discarded their tuxedos for a more contemporary look.

So, we have to find a way of helping music societies, putting pressure on the powers that be to increase funding, or reinstate it where it has already been lost.

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