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Thursday, July 12, 2007

George Bernard Shaw and Musical Composition

Musical composition is a strange thing.
This is what George Bernard Shaw had to say about it:

"The fact is, there are no rules,
and there never were any rules,
and there will never be any rules of musical composition except rules of thumb;
and thumbs vary in length, like ears."
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

We have recently been hearing some fantastic music coming from the studio, and music room, and for the last few days it seems to have all been at a rather fast tempo.
For example, 'Caprice No.7 by Luigi Legnani', which I put on the blog the other day, to remind yourself click here.
But also the instantly recognisable style of Bach.

The mind is a complex and amazing organ which somehow has the ability to flit from one piece to another, remembering thousands of notes as it goes.
This was brought home to me, as I listened from afar, but then an unfamiliar sound reached my ears.

I recognised it as 'distant composition', a calm, quiet, slow and peaceful piece of music had forced its way into Robin's consciousness and was trying to get out.
It was such a different style to the pieces he has been playing for a few days that I was a little surprised.
So I asked him about it.
The response was, "It's like a sorbet to refresh my mind."
I know exactly what he meant!

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