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Monday, December 18, 2006

Post Rufford Old Hall

There's an 'end of term feeling' about the house today. After many weeks of travel to far flung places, tight schedules for UK concerts, and endless amounts of washing for me, things have calmed down a little.
More information came to light about Rufford Old Hall. There are three ghosts. A 'Grey Lady' who can be seen in the driveway, (don't all old mansions have one of these), a man in Elizabethan clothes who hangs out around the fireplace in the Great Hall, and Queen Elizabeth 1 who disappears if you try and talk to her.
Robin took son number one with him for this concert and they were given a room to rehearse in some way from the Great Hall. Little did I know that my son and heir was walking the corridors of this old house, on his own, with no lights on admiring the paintings.
I'm sorry to say I can't report back on any ghostly sightings, but I do hope the man in Elizabethan clothes enjoyed the lute pieces.
Robin is in good company performing in the Great Hall as it is said that Shakespeare also appeared there.
Meanwhile back at Hillhouse I issued Robin with a list of tasks to complete in preparation for Christmas only to find him surfing the internet for new machine heads! He has literally worn the others out along with the frets so I think we may have to get some repairs done.

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