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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Panama Canal

I awoke this morning to find an e mail from Robin rather anxiously asking me to find out where Caldera is. He had been told that the ship wasn't going to dock in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, on the 14th as planned, but this place called Caldera. This could have potentially caused problems as he has a very tight schedule for getting home. He's due to arrive back during the day on Friday and has a duo concert on Saturday.
So the last thing he needed was to miss any connections.
Initial the only Caldera I could find in my atlas was in Mexico so I resorted to the internet. Glad I did, as within minutes I had discovered that it is in fact in the same bay as Puntarenas, so no cause for alarm.
Meanwhile on board rehearsals have gone very well, more tennis has been played, and Robin was just off for a soundcheck the last I heard.
The concert is tonight, but I won't hear about it until tomorrow. So we'll all just have to wait!

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