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Monday, December 06, 2010

From New York to Cartoon...

It has been a long time since my last update, but then you all had 712 previous posts to look back through!

Whilst quiet on the writing front it has been very busy on the musical one.
Robin has performed 8 concerts and travelled to many places including the Norwegian Fjords, Italy, Greece, Croatia and finally New York.

Here is the welcoming sight of the Statue of Liberty, albeit a little hazy:

And the familiar New York skyline:

Plus the spectacular Verrazano Bridge:

But despite seeing some incredible places Robin was very sad to be away from home on youngest son's 8th birthday, the downside for the travelling musician is they frequently miss these significant family moments.

Now home again, recording of some 'warming' flamenco style pieces is underway, which has been particularly beneficial given the 'big freeze' currently sweeping across the UK.

Here the poor ducks have been reduced to a minimal swimming area, and believe it or not this is actually a very heavy frost rather than snow!

Another problem with frequent trips away from home is that 'others' take advantage of your comfortable armchair and refuse to give it back....

And if you are wondering how a musician relaxes when at home, well, they draw pictures of fictitious musicians of course!


Paul said...

"Plus the spectacular Verrazano Bridge:"

Nope, that's the Brooklyn Bridge, although it is spectacular in its own way.

Anna said...

Thanks Paul, I stand corrected.
That will teach me for taking the word of a musician and not checking!!!
But yes, still spectacular.