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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Robin Hill plays 'El Noy de la Mare' by Miguel Llobet

The classical guitarist and composer Miguel Llobet (1878-1938) started to learn the instrument at the age of 11, and later studied with one of the fathers of modern guitar technique, Francisco Tarrega.
From the 1900's Llobet was in constant demand for recitals and toured extensively in Europe and North and South America.

Whilst in Buenos Aires Llobet formed a guitar duo with Maria Luisa Anido and, for this ensemble, he arranged numerous classical and romantic works.
Llobet's solo transcriptions and arrangements, were a landmark in guitar writing, showing his great understanding of the guitar's capabilities.

He was well respected by other musicians and in fact Falla's tribute to Debussy, 'Homenaje', was composed for Llobet.

Llobet is considered by some to be the teacher of Segovia, however, this has proved quite controversial, and debate continues today.
But Segovia himself frequently mentions Llobet in his autobiography, referring to him as a friend, but also, describing sessions when Llobet taught Segovia, amongst others, pieces, phrase by phrase, as he hadn't yet comitted them to manuscript.
Segovia was still a young man at this stage and I feel sure he must have picked up many practical aspects of Llobet's technique as well as merely learning the notes.

By the end of his career, Llobet had produced more than 100 works for the guitar.
Today you can hear, 'El Noy de la Mare' (The Mother's child/Our lady's child), track 11, which is a traditional Catalan Christmas carol, arranged by Llobet.
This has long been a favourite of guitarists, and Segovia used to frequently perform it as an encore.
Robin has also been performing it for some time and it's beautiful melody never fails to move audiences.

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