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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Clarification - The Name of the iPod Game

I was very pleased to see that ACD over on 'Sounds and Fury' had taken the time to read our blog on live music/iPods, and direct them our way.

There seems to be a certain amount of 'clarification' going on all over the place.
So now it's my turn.
I was neither agreeing nor disagreeing with ACD really.
Just putting my point across from another perspective. That of a musician.

Robin loves to hear music played live, whether he is attending a concert, or, performing it.
He also loves to hear music on whatever format that it is available.
There are times when we have to revert to cassettes/albums/DAT and even reel to reel, but you quickly adjust your hearing to cope with whatever distractions are playing alongside the music.
For long deleted pieces it's just great to be able to hear them.

I then went off at somewhat of a tangent, although not completely unrelated, to point out the differences for a musician between performing live and recording.
Basically there's a different mindset required for both these activities and both are rewarding in their own way.
I think there's probably a whole individual blog in there waiting to come out.
So I hope we are all clear now...

Meanwhile, business as usual here, or as usual as it can ever be.
Last night a private function in a Masonic Hall, tonight, another private function for the Prince's Trust.
At least life's never dull.

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